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Our story

About us

Our story

We strive to identify different causes of mental health disorders. Treatment resistant depression, mood disorders and psychosis and several mental health disorders require careful attention with a focus on holistic approach.  Mental health is not the sole function of the organ above the shoulders. We deem it necessary to  rule out other organic causes of emotional disturbances via several lab works and consultations with other doctors / providers. Labs are ordered during your initial visit as needed.

Our mission

We derive our utmost pleasures by making sure that your state of mental and physical being receives   the care they deserve. Care, values and wellbeing constitute the pillars of our defining virtues.

Our vision

All human beings lie along a mental health spectrum. Your state of mental health is specific  to your needs and most importantly where  you  are located  along this spectrum. We provide the necessary tools to perform this shift based on biopsychopsocial  approach without any stigmas.  We recognize your participation during this journey of change.

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